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We added a new article by Marcel Vogel

"Where Two or More are Gathered in My Name: There I Am"


We Just added a new article, Mark, My Words: An Afterdeath Dialogue. It's not about crystals in anyway, but there are a few insights about consciousness. And a true story to boot.
Find it at the link MARK.



We are publishing Rumi Da's book online

Crystals, Love and the Matrix of Consciousness
It is a volume that Marcel asked me to write as a companion piece to his own book.
After many years I've decided to release it here first in installments.
Updates to all articles will appear regularly......some weekly, others monthly.
Added some more graphics to the chapter on Marcel regarding his work with plants.

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The Great Way is not difficult for those who have no preferences.

When love and hate are both absent everything becomes clear and undisguised.

Make the smallest distinction, however, and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.





Dear Friends,

We have created our website for the many people who have called and written to us wanting information and connection to the work of Marcel Vogel as well as the work of Rumi Da.  We will be offering and presenting much more than information about crystals and continuing research in this area, but as this is what the majority of people are initially interested in, this is where we begin.
Despite the technical information you may find in these pages about crystals and their uses, it was Love and not the technology that was Marcel’s primary focus.


Although I sense him with me so much of the time, especially when I am teaching or writing about his work, I still miss the physical presence of this large, loving, and lovable teddy bear of a man. As per his request we strive to maintain the high standards he set. Because of this we have kept a somewhat low profile, providing teaching and custom made crystals for those sincerely interested in transformational work and service.


My Introduction to Marcel Vogel

    I met Marcel Vogel in the mid 70ís in Toronto, Canada when he was just beginning to bring out his work with crystals. At the time I was quite involved with using crystals in various ways, but here was a man who knew what he was doing and giving seminars on the topic. After listening to all his audio taped seminars I wanted to spend time and get to know him so I called  Marcel at his home and we spent about an hour talking on the phone. At his invitation I went to San Jose to spend time with him, enjoying the hospitality of his home. Many an evening and very early mornings were spent in thoughtful or meditative discussions. 6:00 am was Marcelís time to study and read, which at that time was mostly the works of Alice Bailey. He invited me to join him. Most days I would go with him to his laboratory, Psychic Research, Inc. but occasionally he would leave me at home to explore his vast library of video tapes ranging from the scientific and psychic to his class for school children on how to develop their inner abilities. It was aptly called The Mind Boggling Class.

I spent time with Marcel co-leading seminars and even organized a beautiful weekend for him in West Palm Beach where over 100 people came to learn from him. Our last workshop together, in Calgary, was a memorable one for me because we spent a lot of time together in his hotel room with him telling me things about his work Iíd never heard before; all the little secrets about his life work and life that seemed important to him for me to know.

A Devastating Blow

In 1991 Marcel passed on and left this world. I was devastated; my friend and mentor, had passed, way too soon. I traveled to San Jose to be a pallbearer at his funeral and to mourn his loss. It was February 14th, a day to celebrate love. My dear friend gone; I was at a horrible loss, but I knew the work he had done needed to be carried on.  

Rumi and Marcel, Thanksgiving 1990

Transfer of ownership

Shortly after Marcel passed away the ownership of the commercial, retail, and educational aspects of Psychic Research, Inc., (the company that Marcel Vogel owned) were legally transferred to Lifestream Associates LLC by the Board of Directors of Psychic Research, Inc and Mary Vogel, Marcelís wife. Lifestream Associates became the only agency authorized to use the term Vogel-cutģ and the exclusive right to produce, sell and repair Vogel-cutģ crystals as well as the audio and video tapes, newsletter articles and Crystal Workbook of Marcel Vogel. After this transfer of ownership I continued the work with which Marcel had charged me. I traveled through Europe offering seminars and making crystals available several times a year.

For the past few years I haven't been traveling or offering teaching due to family health issues. This continues to be the case and it is unlikely that I'll be on the road anytime soon. However, I am corresponding with individuals and teaching through email, tapes, Marcel's DVDs, and of course by phone.

In October, I experienced an episode of congestive heart failure, a major turning point to say the least. Since then, with fantastic medical assistance, my health has improved greatly. With the additional help of a crystal healing intervention with Gene Meyer , I am better than ever. Thanks Gene for your concern, skill and making the journey all the way to Florida.




The Legacy of Marcel Vogel      Crystal Basics   Creating a Quantum Converter   

The Lifestream Prana Crystal

Medallions      Hydrothermal Synthetic Quartz     Using the Crystal     Vogel Healing Method

Kid's Korner     Poem for Marcel Vogel   Spirit Releasement Therapy


We've added a article by Dr. William Baldwin about

 Spirit Releasment Therapy

for those interested in this form of service.



The Transforming Power of Crystals

Marcel Vogel in West Palm Beach 1988

10 hours

MP3 files

$15 to cover shipping

$35 international



In the upcoming weeks we'll be adding more thoughts from Marcel from his Psychic Research Newsletter. Oldies but goodies. Currently there are three pieces:


  1. The Power of Thought

  2. The Power of Love

  3. The Human Crystal

  4. Color and Sound

  5. Records are Written in Stone

  6. The Crystal Skull 

  7. Rock Crystal

  8. The Alchemy of Water

  9. The Forming Aspect of Sound

  10. Transformational Healing 

  11. Prana, Od, Orgone, and Bio-Plasmic Energy

  12. I Am the Light of the World

  13. The Patterning Of Thought

  14. Biological Superconductivity

  15. The De La Warr Mark IV Thought Photography Camera

  16. Where Two or More are Gathered in My Name: There I Am (4/1/15)


Additionally, a few experiments have been added for you to play with.
They can be found by clicking the Experiments button.




We'll be having users' personal experiences with them online soon.


Dale Grindle has joined Lifestream Associates, bringing a new, exciting and needed energy to the work. Check out her bio at the Dale button.

Anyone interested in learning more about the use of crystals, Vogel-cut or otherwise is free to be in touch at anytime. This service is offered free of charge and at some point may lead to a more organized correspondence course of printed material, mp3 files and what not. The "what not" promises to be the most exciting. Perhaps some online programs will be forthcoming.

    Thanks to all my friends who have supported me so much through this very difficult time.




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