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Abwoon d'bwashmaya  Nethqadash shmakh  Teytey malkuthakh



Dear Friends,


We have created our website for the many people who have called and written to us wanting information and connection to the work of Marcel Vogel as well as the work of Rumi Da.  We will be offering and presenting much more than information about crystals and continuing research in this area, but as this is what the majority of people are initially interested in, this is where we begin.

Despite the technical information you may find in these pages about crystals and their uses, it was Love and not the technology that was Marcel’s primary focus.


Although I sense him with me so much of the time, especially when I am teaching or writing about his work, I still miss the physical presence of this large, loving, and lovable teddy bear of a man. As per his request we strive to maintain the high standards he set. Because of this we have kept a somewhat low profile, providing teaching and custom made crystals for those sincerely interested in transformational work and service.



In the upcoming weeks we'll be adding more thoughts from Marcel from his Psychic Research Newsletter. Oldies but goodies. Currently there are three pieces:


  1. The Power of Thought

  2. The Power of Love

  3. The Human Crystal

  4. Color and Sound


Additionally, a few experiments have been added for you to play with.
They can be found by clicking the Experiments button.



We'll be having users' personal experiences with them online soon.


On our Sale Items page:

 We have a 24-sided meditation and a 4-sided amethyst meditation crystal available
as well as a Star of David disc, a custom Star of David medallion in gold, and a Rutilated Quartz Octahedron.



For the past few years I haven't been travelling or offering teaching due to family health issues. This continues to be the case and it is unlikely that I'll be on the road anytime soon.

However, I am corresponding with individuals and teaching through email, tapes, Marcel's DVDs, and of course by phone.

Dale Grindle has joined Lifestream Associates, bringing a new, exciting and needed energy to the work. Check out her bio at the Dale button.

Anyone interested in learning more about the use of crystals, Vogel-cut® or otherwise is free to be in touch at anytime. This service is offered free of charge and at some point may lead to a more organized correspondence course of printed material, mp3 files and what not. The "what not" promises to be the most exciting. Perhaps some online programs will be forthcoming.

    Thanks to all my friends who have supported me so much through this very difficult time.



Looking for teachers?

For those in Canada Gene Meyer is available for consultation or training at 905-890-0998.

For those in Europe Donald Jaskolla, of Berlin, is a certified practitioner and trainer in the therapeutic use of Vogel-cut® crystals. Donald is a long time friend and  a gifted and skilled healer in his own right. He and his wife Lisa have a practice in Berlin offering a variety of seminars and services. You can reach him either by telephone or email at Angelos-Zentrum.


In addition, you can contact Herbert and Brigitte Hoffman in Weilheim (southern Germany). I have known Herbert and Brigitte for over 20 years and have offered several teachings at their Spiritual Center. I met Herbert on my first trip to Munich and he is a certified practitioner and trainer in the use of Vogel-cut® crystals. They are a wonderful couple specializing in various healing modalities and offer intensive healing trainings throughout the year.

Thanks for dropping by.

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