Quartz demonstrates the Star of David energy pattern. In order to utilize this template to its highest benefit, we have found that using this pattern as a shield faceted from pure quartz to be very effective not only as a type of psychic shield, but also as a tool for subjective communication.

      Marcel Vogel wrote of this crystal medallion:

      We have designed, after careful testing and measurement, an optically clear quartz crystal medallion, cut in the shape of a triangle, which is worn over the witness area (thymus gland). It may be programmed with any thought of intention you choose, but we have had great success using it as a protective shield from unwanted energies. A drop of a flower essence, a homeopathic remedy, or such can be placed on this medallion and it will radiate its essence throughout you body.
      When I imprint the crystal medallion with the thought of love and well-being, I cohere all the energies of my body so that it becomes an impenetrable fortress of its own energies. Now I can handle external forces without taking them in, and without their interfering with the functioning of my own body.
      This does not  mean that the medallion takes away the sensitivity; in contrast, it desensitizes the wearer to invasive external energies so that the wearer is able to remain open to tune into what he or she chooses.
      Without this protection, I feel the differential vibrations of each of the people with whom I am interacting. There is a confusion within my being as to how to process these energies within my own system and this begins to interfere with my normal body vibration. My energies get drained because of all of the vibration I am forced to process.
     Surrounding our physical body, we have an energy field known as the auric curtain. After much experimentation with this field, I have given it the name of the information band. When this information band is interfered with, one loses control over one’s own body and it gets weaker, sometimes losing consciousness as well. We’re not talking about dis-ease here, but purely energetic information exchange. An example of this is when an audience projects a thought at a speaker.
       If the thought projected is one of approval, the speaker is likely to receive a feeling of well being. If the thought is one of disapproval, the speaker will immediately feel drained of energy and will most likely exhibit fatigue. Wearing the medallion at this time will prevent this type of energy drain.
     Within the triangular structure is contained another triangle, one quarter the size of the medallion, with the tip facing up (as it is worn against the witness area) on the back of the medallion, and another triangle with the tip facing downwards (as it faces out from the body).

     The higher mind (or soul) works with symbols. From these symbols, the truth is being spoken. Each of us has a triune nature of body, represented by the top point of the medallion, mind, represented by another point, and finally the interaction of spirit with matter, the soul, represented by a third point on the triangle. In both esoteric and Christian philosophies this element of the triune or tri-unity can be found.  The two smaller triangles form pyramids in space, creating tetrahedra, the symbol of water (the molecular structure of which is also a tetrahedron). As above, so below. Turning the medallion over, you find a reverse pyramid. 

     There is a co-balancing of forces. The large triangle is also brought to a pyramid in space and so the energy is pouring out in one direction (creating a field in space around your body) and held stable in the other direction (keeping that field steady), similar to the actions of our healing crystals.

    To CLEAR the medallion of unwanted energies, programs, or thoughts, hold it in one hand and rest the other hand over it. As you draw your breath in, think the thought of clearing the medallion of any harmful or limiting energies. When you have done this, release the thought into the medallion with a pulsed breath through the nostrils.

     To CHARGE the medallion, hold it as stated above, draw your breath in and think thoughts of Love, well-being, healing, or whatever you desire and again release these thoughts into the medallion with a pulsed breath. It is suggested that you always charge the medallion with Love and well-being. Any other intent can be overlaid on this primary patterning. Love acts as a carrier wave for any and all additional information.

  Putting your intention into a device like this helps you build and maintain the ultimate shield or protection for yourself. Wearing one of these medallions with loving intent can hold the integrity of your body and maintain the equanimity of
self in spite of whatever goes on in and around you.  (PRI Newsletter #6.5 Sept.-Oct. 1989)

    According to Cyprian Christian mystic Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis, also known as Daskalos, the Star of David pattern is very important and symbolic.

“The full triangle represents our Divine nature as a Spirit-Ego-Being, complete, harmonious and luminous in the Eternal Now. This triangle is itself composed of four internal triangles: three of which face upward, with a fourth in the center inclining downwards.

“The upper triangle represents Absolute Beingness, God (AB). The triangle in the lower left-hand corner represents the Christ Logos (CL), while the Holy Spirit (HS) fills the lower right-hand triangle. The Spirit-Soul-Being (SSB) of a human – descending into time and place – is situated in the center, eternally supported on all sides by the Holy Trinity.”

       The template of the medallion when energetically charged forms four sided pyramids in the space around us, tetrahedrons, the symbols for water (the molecular pattern of which is also a tetrahedron).
       One side of the crystal can be seen to be composed of five triangles. The four smaller patterns are enclosed in the form of the fifth. From the back of the crystal we can see two triangles, one within the other. When viewed straight on from the front the Star of David pattern is created, a representation of the Star Tetrahedron, the template of the Merkaba vehicle. This is the pattern generated when the medallion is energized.
      There is a balancing of forces. The fields generated by these patterns are kept steady and the physical body is able to adapt to and integrate those forces encountered in daily interactions with others. This is similar to the action of the Vogel® “healing” crystal.



A very practical application of the medallion was demonstrated at a retreat in the Swiss mountains in the town of Obergestein. A friend who was attending this event had a history of high blood pressure. The increased altitude in the Alps served only to exacerbate the problem, which had become so intense that there was bleeding from the nose and very pronounced dilation of the blood vessels in the eyes. With no medication on hand it seemed that there was the choice of either leaving or finding some other means of dealing with her blood pressure.

She recalled that eating a whole cooked head of garlic was excellent at normalizing blood pressure and so proceeded to prepare bruschetta with garlic for all of us. Although this was a wonderful taste treat, it was not exactly the most appropriate thing to be eating during the retreat seminar. Not all participants were indulging in the snack therefore we decided to find another approach so that the aroma of the garlic would not be offensive to those who were not eating it.

Recalling what I had taught in the seminar about a crystal being able to store and transfer information, she had the idea to put the essence or vibration of garlic into her healing crystal and then to project her consciousness into the crystal. The intent being that the vibration of the garlic would be released into her energy or information body. She did this first by clearing her crystal and then charging it with the thought of Love, Light, and Well-being. Next she placed a clove of the garlic on the surface of the crystal, created the intent to transfer the vibration of the garlic into the crystal. Although this could have been done with intent alone, the use of the actual physical clove of garlic increased the link with desired frequency.

Having charged the crystal appropriately, she then projected her consciousness into it. She then sat in meditation for fifteen to twenty minutes. The result was that she could subjectively feel the internal pressure decrease. This would last for about one day, after which the feeling of the high blood pressure experience would return along with the signs of vaso-dilation in the eyes. With the return of the pressure P. would remember to repeat the process. This is a normal pattern when we use a palliative remedy. As long as we have no negative feedback we forget to continue that which helps us.

Because the high blood pressure would continue to return after a day, unless she continued to repeat the practice with the crystal, she decided to charge her Star of David medallion with the vibration of garlic. The idea behind this was that wearing the medallion should create a situation where the vibration would be released into her energy field on an ongoing basis and not just for one short period. The effect should last as long as she wore the medallion. Indeed it did! During the remainder of her stay in Switzerland she had no problem with her blood pressure whatsoever.

This story is not to illustrate that we can or should replace medical intervention with energetic intervention alone, but there are times when such practices can be very helpful until medical assistance can be obtained.



The Star of David medallion is available in a choice of sizes.

Regular  (approx. 35mm. each side)
    Silver $300 
    Gold   $700

 Mini   (approx. 25mm. each side)
    Silver $250
    Gold  $450

 X-Small   (approx. 10mm. each side)
    Silver $200
    Gold  $350


     All medallions are made from clear natural quartz crystal. 
     We do not use clear or colored synthetic "Siberian" crystal for the production of our medallions unless requested.


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