Q:  Is there anything you want to say as a pre-amble about the process of DNA activation in general?

A:  We would like to say that your bodily make-up is very similar to that of a computer or electronic device and that the process of DNA activation is similar to the software that runs a computer.  Like your computers of today, they are rapidly becoming more refined and capable of assimilating and distributing more and more information. And just like the latest computers, your bodies are looking for the best software-- the best designer genes-- and that is the whole point of DNA activation-- to produce a metaphysical body that resonates with the physical world as you know it and create a harmonic that is efficient and purposeful for your life on earth. We see this as being a natural progression or state of evolution.  We have emphasized in our previous discussions that the most natural means of doing so is through the awareness of love, both internally and externally. It is love that activates the information within the recessive genes to create the type of advancement that you are seeking. That does not mean that this cannot be generated through other means or tools.  Other means and tools are effective, too; but most especially so when combined with the force of Love. Having said that we will proceed with the assumption that the tools and devices that are being introduced to accelerate the DNA are all produced and a result of Love and therefore this compatibility is already established.

Q:  Is there any particular process that is more beneficial than another?  What I mean by this is that I am familiar with several processes for supposedly activating the latent DNA strands and the sense I get is that the methodology is not as important as the intent. It’s a matter of what methodology fits an individual’s inclination best.

A:  This is precisely what we have just said: the methodology is not as important as the intent of Love! This is the actual activator of the DNA.  However, there are various and sundry tools that one can use to stimulate or create a type of forced acceleration.  As you stated, it is a matter of personal preference or compatibility with one’s interest and not necessarily one device being more effective than the other.  It is the Love that produces the activation and the acceleration of the DNA itself.

Q:  Apart from the devices and the technology, some of the approaches seem to be willful in nature as in giving directions or doing particular visualizations where one seems to be consciously or willfully altering the genetic structure. There are other methods where one seems to give this over to a higher aspect of self without any conscious knowledge of the process that’s going on other than surrendering it to one’s Higher Self or crew of guidance.

A:  In both instances this is still a type of intent … “will” being a type of intent or force - - a conscious awareness, you might say…and you know from the workings of the world that “force” is a very tangible and effective power that can create rapid results. On the other hand, turning oneself over to a higher power involves “faith” and faith is also a very powerful force. The two, however, are not as effective as Love. It is Love that creates the true and pure activation that you all seek. Therefore, whatever devices you utilize- - if they are utilized with the intention of Love and the well being for Self and Others - - these then are the proper and most effective tools. The others will also have an impact and may also create results.  The results may be less reliable and may sometimes have certain side effects that are undesired.

Q:  Moving now to the use of crystal technology for this process: Is there a particular form that is best suited to initiating the DNA activation?

A:  We have discussed this with other members of our collective and we have generally agreed that all of the crystals can be utilized to activate the DNA. There are none that you have provided that we would say would be ill-suited to this particular purpose. We have determined, however, that the so-called Merkaba crystal could be somewhat more effective in that it has a similar resonance to the point of infinite potential within the Heart itself, the so-called reservoir of Love. We would say that, from our perspective, this is a creative and innovative device that amplifies and expresses the Love that you are, and by utilizing the particular geometric principles associated with this device, it can give more conscious awareness and perhaps a more rapid experience of the activation that you seek.       

Q:  Is the size or the mass of the crystal important?

A:  Yes and no. Naturally, the greater the size of the crystal, the more potential that particular device creates.  How much is necessary?  That is the question!  In fact a very small crystal can effectively generate the type of effect that you are seeking. It does not necessarily need to be a large crystal. However, if you were working with a large group of people and did not have one of these devices for every single person in the audience, then a larger piece might be more effective for the group as a whole.

Q:  Would it be of any benefit for individuals to have their own crystal to wear as a jewelry item or a hand held piece?

A:  We would certainly recommend that each individual have a piece that is programmable with one’s own intention for life.  This would be somewhat more effective than a group facilitator.  Both are purposeful; however, in some instances, an individual may not be able to acquire their own crystal.  Therefore, having a larger crystal that could be utilized through group participation would be quite effective and could also generate a more formal practice in which individuals learn how to properly program and generate the Heart essence that is necessary for proper attunement.

Q:  When you speak of a larger crystal that could be utilized by a group, what size do you have in mind as far as length and width is concerned?

A:  It could be about the size of one’s hand when extended.

Q:  Is there a particular type of quartz that is more suited to this: clear, smokey, amethyst…?

A:  Although the vibrational frequency is somewhat different in each, it is not significant in terms of the end result.  We would say it would be more a matter of personal preference of the individual as opposed to any type of interaction with the activation itself.

Q:  If one produces such a crystal that one could wear, is there a metal that is best suited for this: silver, gold, platinum…?

A:  The gold and platinum are more effective.  The silver has a more fragile and less stable element that might subtly create a lower vibration; however, it is not a particularly major consideration. Since you have asked, the other two metals have a higher vibrational component to them that is suitable to the activation of the codons or internal structure of the DNA itself.

 Q:  I’m looking for some more technical information at this moment. Can you describe exactly how this crystal functions in the process of DNA activation?  Not in a general way but in a specific technical way, if you can.

A:  It has to do with the type of waveform that is produced in the body and emanates from the body itself. It then creates a sequence or exchange of information that resonates in a vibratory way and creates a type of paired interactions and acceleration that is necessary for the full awareness or enlightenment of the individual. It has more to do with the generation of love and a type of biochemical emanation that is resultant of that love and sustained over the course of what you perceive to be time.  This therefore allows the individual to illuminate, to effuse a type of light energy or light essence that is sustainable and metaphysical, that is beyond the physical form.

Q:  Does the clarity of the crystal have any bearing on the process? Should it be inclusion free or is this irrelevant?

A:  The precision of the crystal is beneficial  in that the inclusions can create a disruption and light interference. We would recommend that the product be inclusion free, if possible. Naturally not all crystal is flawless or without inclusion and we would not say that a piece of crystal with a small inclusion should be discarded - - only that it is slightly less effective than another.

Q:  Is there any difference in the use of natural or synthetic quartz in this process?

A:  The condition in which the quartz is created, if synthetic, can be instrumental in the overall process. Once again the condition of Love is a natural accelerator of this process. A piece of crystal formed in a laboratory setting is nevertheless formed to a particular intention or mindset of its creator and the environment itself also has an influence; so indeed these can have a very profound positive or a very profound negative affect upon the overall process. However, in terms of the material itself, the synthetic could be somewhat preferred if the conditions of love and environmental factors are of a positive nature as well. In regard to the natural process or growth of quartz, this has been designed by Divine Mind and therefore it is already perfect.

Q:  If synthetic crystals were used, these crystals can be made into a variety of colors quite easily ranging from a very violet amethyst, a cobalt blue, a Madeira type of citrine to an emerald green. How would these colors affect the DNA activation?

A:  You can look at the coloration in a similar context to the coloration of various forms of nature, or human beings specifically.  They come in various shades and colors and yet all are purposeful and Divine, a by-product of Divine Mind and Love. It is the same with these crystals. Looking at the two as a type of partnership or process in tandem, we see that a variety of colors can be a very natural expression of Divine mind and Love with many good potentials and possibilities.  Certain individuals will be drawn to various colors for various reasons.  Therefore it is a positive and constructive element to this DNA activation process. We’re not meaning to sound generic or general but it is Love that is the most important factor in this process; not the color nor type of crystal.  How one goes about creating specific tools is just a matter of design. So it’s a little bit like you already have a very wonderful software package and you want to make it available to the largest number of people. It’s simply a matter of what they will be drawn to. The color, shape and design factor will appeal to some and not to others.


Q:  If someone were to ask me, which they frequently do, “Why would I want a green crystal or a blue crystal, apart from that I like the color?”


A:  You can associate the vibratory color of the crystal with the other elements in nature. Green of course having to do with the prolific plant life and growth and abundance and so on. Blue, having to do with the water and the sky and the elements of expansion and space and so on and so forth. In other words, it is a matter of what resonates with that particular individual. What is lacking or what is already comfortable in that individual’s matrix will influence how that individual responds to a particular color but as a whole we would say that in the process of DNA activation itself, the color is irrelevant. In regard to the mechanism of the waveform itself it is more a mechanical or mathematical process and therefore at that level color is not really a factor as it is already contained within the whole


Q:  How does the waveform generated through the crystal actually affect the DNA?


A:  It is a matter of releasing certain chemicals within the body and these chemicals then act as triggers or propellants, you might say, that “kick in” the higher quantum elements of the DNA itself. So there is a type of biochemical process that is produced as an offshoot of Love itself.


Q:  What are some of the consequences or side effects of this process that people might need to pay attention to?


A:  There are always factors of the mind that must be taken into consideration.  In other words, how the mind feels about a certain rapid shift of consciousness. When one’s consciousness is fundamentally accelerated or expanded, then one’s environment also shifts and changes accordingly and this can sometimes produce both pleasant and unpleasant emotional responses. If, for example, the laws of attraction and fundamental forces of the planet are still in effect, this can mean that certain people or certain work habits or even jobs or many other things can radically shift or change, sometimes becoming closer, sometimes falling away. So, the identity of the individual may seems somewhat foreign to self and there may be a sense of dissociation or unfamiliarity with self.  For some individuals this can be somewhat destabilizing and disconcerting.


Q:  Are there any physical consequences of which one might need to be aware?


A:  With regard to the programming of these devices: If the formatting is done with the intention of Love and well being of the individual, the physical responses should generally be very positive. In some instances, however, there may be certain types of molecular changes within the body that could create sensations or a feeling that might be perceived to be health related or disease oriented when, in fact, it is just a matter of transmutation or realignment.  It could be compared, for example, to an adolescent with growing pains; there might be a concern that something is wrong when, in fact, there is merely a rapid acceleration of matter or bodily bone and tissue. In some instances there may be some sensations or feelings that may create a temporary cause for concern and this should probably be addressed in a low-key way. If this occurs, it should be considered to be like the growing pains. The focus of Love is the most important thing and this creates the stability and the fluidic movement of matter within self to avoid or dissociate from the majority of negative side effects that could occur. Now in those instances when a crystal or other device has not been properly programmed with the essence of Love, then naturally you can have many side effects ranging from mental instability to negativity from the standpoint of physical bone and body functions. Because the body is susceptible to acting as a crystal itself, it can imprint or encode programs into the body fluids and the bones and so on and so forth and these then might harbor more information or more ability to attract dysfunction than other substances.


Q:  Does it matter whether these devices are created from single terminated or double terminated raw crystal?


A:  The double terminated crystals are more effective because the double helix creates a more effective fluidic movement.


Q:  Is there anything else that I have not considered at this time that you would like to point out?


A:  It is somewhat necessary to disengage the mind from a particular viewpoint or expectation of human potential. In other words, the form in which you see yourself -- the bodies of bone, blood. and tissue -- are not the fully formed actualization that is encoded within the strands of DNA. The evolving soul has a great deal more potential and therefore it is important that as the crystal is programmed with Love, the mindset of how that Love evolves or mutates in a constructive, positive way, should not be predetermined. We would just say that there is infinite potential to express oneself in myriad rays of Light. To allow this process to truly accelerate and to manifest the whole, the stereotype of the human being-- in and of itself--should be disengaged from.  Generally speaking, this is a big block in the process of DNA activation because the element of fear kicks in when one has the thought or awareness that one might mutate into a different form or evolve beyond physical form altogether. There is immediately a kind of caution or concern. And yet, once again we emphasize that with the proper formation of Love, this actually enhances the potential of each and every one of you including us.  Therefore, we just mention this as an aside.


Q:  Can you direct your attention now to a crystal called the “Angel” crystal and give us some information about this instrument?


A:  With regard to DNA activation or otherwise?


Q:  Both.


A:  First, as we attune to this crystal we see that within the interior there is a type of phantom or elemental essence that is more pronounced than in some of the other individual pieces that you have presented today. Associated with this elemental presence is an essence of learning and Love. Perhaps you could call this Wisdom and Love. Typically this essence is associated with the Angelic form or order of beings and yet it is contained or sustained in a type of stepped-down vibrational form or format within this crystal itself. This is a very positive crystal for learning to release old patterns of thought and learning more about loving vibrations.


Q:  Is there a difference between what is called, in the photos, “Angel 1” and Angel 2”?


A:  Because of the many facets on the “Angel 2” the reflection or refraction of the elemental essence is moving in a more external direction or in other words “in service to others.” You might say that the difference between the "Angel 1" and the "Angel 2" is that that "Angel 2" has more aptitude or ability to be of service in a more externally generated fashion; it creates more dispersion or dispensation of the reflected energies of Love and learning to the multitude or more elements that have the capacity to receive this knowledge and Love.  In other words it is transmitting more of its essence in an externalized or purposefully intentioned way.  In regard to the “Angel 1” crystal it is more a matter of a contained internal structure.


Q: How does an individual use this best?


A:  The “Angel 2” could be more properly utilized in a teaching situation whereas the “Angel 1” would be more purposeful in a reflective or meditative type of situation.  With regard to the long “Angel 2” crystal, this would be purposeful specifically for a very focused type of transmitted information such as healing an individual or some other purpose in which you were wishing to distribute information from one point to another in a very precise fashion.


Q:  Is there anything else you would like to say about these crystals at the moment?


A:  These crystals are very purposeful for places or environments in which there has been harm or hurtfulness or any environment in which there is need of a more soft and loving vibration. These therefore can be placed in the environment and allowed to resonate or create a type of love and learning that is purposeful to the transmutation of negativity.


Q:  Is there any specific information about these crystals in regard to the DNA activation process?


A:  They could also be used for DNA activation; however, in our opinion the Merkaba crystal has more significant capacity in this regard than the other crystals presented today.


Q:  Would you bring your attention now to the Lifestream Crystal and give us some further information about this piece.


A:  These crystals are very multi-functional. They have a great deal of the so-called VogelÒ components. They can be utilized for multi-purposes in scientific, technological, therapeutic and other innovative usages; all of these are purposes that can be utilized with this crystal. They are stable, precision instruments and their sleek design allows the information to transit more unimpeded.  This sleek design is the benefit of these crystals over the former “models”. They make a little more efficient use of the unique structure to transmit information from one point to another.


Q:  Are you talking about channeling?


A:  Yes.   Whether you are transmitting information from a crystal to an individual or information from a crystal to a fluidic medium, you are “channeling" information from one medium to another. The design of the crystal itself allows the transmission of that information to flow very unimpeded like a fluid.


Q:  How is this different than the traditional Vogel-cutÒ crystal?


A:  Because of the softer “angulation” of the apex it creates less “friction”. The angles of the traditional VogelÒ crystal slows the information down just a little or makes it flow in a slightly different way or form. The Lifestream Crystal is the next step up in evolution.


Q:  Is there some reason that Marcel never used these crystals to any extent? He only had two of them made.


A:  He thought that it was too phallic!


Q:  And the others aren’t?!  In regard to the number of sides on the Lifestream Crystal: Is this the optimal number or would there be any benefit to adding more sides?


A:  The exponential potential is enhanced with more facets. However, the present form is very stable and sound. With additional facets it will interact with more and more subtle planes of reality and this will have certain effects that are far reaching. It is a matter of how far and how deep one wishes to go and for what purpose. Adding more facets would enhance the potential, but such a subtle level of dimensional reality is accessed that it would not be perceived by most. It would not be very purposeful for most individuals at this time. It would be beneficial once your consciousness (or DNA) is activated.


Q:  Would this crystal assist us in becoming aware of the subtle dimensions and realities? Some individuals may be already doing these things but have no three dimensional consciousness of it, that is moving in multiple realities simultaneously.


A:  Very few individuals have the capacity to really properly utilize such crystals. No harm would be done, but benefit would not necessarily be derived at this time.


Q:  Is there any benefit to creating the Lifestream Crystal from synthetic quartz?


A:  No, not at this time.


Q:  Is there additional input you can give us about the Prana crystals? We’ve already had some information previously, but perhaps you can offer us some more.


A:  Interestingly enough as we attune to this crystal at this time we see that it is undergoing some type of evolution or transmutation of itself. Originally designed by the individual, Master Choa, it has embraced other cultural concepts of philosophy and spirituality and incorporated it into its own system so to speak. It is gathering information that seems to be purposeful for the spiritual and healthy evolution of the individual using it. It is residual within the crystal. It is like a kind of super-computer that gathers information and the individual who acquires the crystal subsequently has a vast resource of information from which to draw: specifically along the lines of healing and spirituality.

      Previously we mentioned the presence of the Pali Canon within the crystal. We now see the presence of the Jeshua Records as the crystal integrates more cultural aspects to itself.


Q:  So it’s learning…


A:  Yes.


Q:  One more question crystal regarding the Prana crystal. I have such a crystal that has 64 sides as the body and 32 sides at the operating tip. The other end, of course, is smooth and rounded. On the body the 64 sides are configured in a particular way. Can you speak to this?


A:  The configuration of the facets on the body of the crystal has to do with the creation of the waveform we spoke of earlier. The long wave programs the short wave; one is actually playing off the other to create a kind of interaction between the DNA and the RNA.


Q:  So, although this pattern in the facets was the results of physical constraints in the cutting process, it is beneficial?


A:  Not only is it beneficial it is essential. This is really the ideal DNA crystal. This would be the one that is the mother of all.


Q:  You are still speaking here of the 64-sided Prana crystal?


A:  Correct.


Q:  What is the result of having 32 sides at the operating tip?


A:  What this does is allow for continued evolution. Within the 64 codons there is a completion stage that is reached, but the number 32 reduces down to 5 that evokes transformation and evolution and continuation and so on. In other words it doesn’t become a stagnant device but one that can continue to move above and beyond the program of itself.


Q:  So we’re looking at a 5 and a 1 in this crystal?


A:  Yes, exactly.


Q:  Is this a crystal that should be made generally available?


A:  (Laughter) We laugh for a couple of reasons. Essentially it is the crystal that you are. Really it is just a replica of who you are and your potential. Basically you have created in the form of this crystal the geometric design of a human being and it’s potential to evolve.


Q:  So that’s why mine is fat with a smooth dome?


A:  Precisely! J


Q:  Should this be available to all?  The point is the responsibility in making certain crystals available as some individuals have accelerated their energy system beyond what they are capable of integrating in any meaningful way.


A:  As with many of the other crystals, you have treated them per Dr. Vogel’s specifications in such a way that they cannot be of any real harm to others. You will find that only a small number of individuals who are ready will be interested in acquiring such a crystal.


Q:  Is there anything else you would like to say before we close?


A[Melissa] They are (the Ones Who Watch Over) showing me a lot of crystal designs that look like snowflakes. Remember the fellow who did the work with water? They seem to be indicating that due to the different conflicts on the earth and different systems of communication that are being electronically utilized, there is some new form of information transmission that has been placed into effect during this time of war and it’s creating a disturbance, especially in water.  The water is picking up a lot of this information that is being transmitted. The Ones Who Watch Over are looking to create some kind of small crystals that could be utilized for the purpose of purifying water; not just drinking water but the larger bodies of water (lakes, rivers, oceans).   This is something that has to be very deeply reflected upon and meditated upon with love and awareness so that this could have a viable effect in realigning the earth and creating a healthier environment and also in helping the animals that live in the sea. It’s not a matter of reprogramming the water, it’s a matter of allowing the water more or less to retain it’s own inherent structure.

      I see these almost as flat discs, little flat discs. I don’t think that they’re specifically cut into the shape of water crystals but the geometric elements contain configurations of very specific crystalline structures, so to speak. They look like wafers as I’m seeing them. They are very thin and very flat and more or less generally in a kind of circular design, but it is the faceting of them that creates the geometry … something like the Tetrastar only flatter.

 Melissa can be reached via email.


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