Rumi Da

            We continuously create the reality we want even though we may not always consciously want the reality we have created. Often we are not aware that we are always already doing this. In these weekend sessions we will discover and explore the dynamics of the processes in which we are engaged and conscious ways to change. It is possible not only to alter the reality within which we live, to create another perhaps better version of the same thing, but also to create something completely new.

            We are truly multidimensional beings and in order to set the groundwork necessary for this realization we will be exploring the various aspects or dimensions of consciousness. You will learn ways to release the fear and stresses stored in the body and access the quantum nature of your being that allow for a greater flow of creativity, information, and consciousness.

            We will explore:

  • Law of attraction
  • Law of allowing
  • Law of deliberate creation
  • Becoming conscious of the nature and creation of personal and collective reality
  • Accessing various aspects of the multidimensional self
  • Integrating higher frequency aspects of our consciousness
  • Opening awareness of the many probable selves and realities through which we live
  • Reality shifting
  • The 22 emotional set points
  • 22 techniques to transform consciousness
  • Discovering and transforming our cultural and genetic conditioning
  • Exploring and integrating the experience of simultaneous time, reincarnational selves and counterparts
  • The use of crystals to facilitate the process of manifestation

Berlin: Donald Schubert: (011) 49 30 691 4305

Munich: Parameschwara Herbert Hoffmann:

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