To be fully alive is a choice that we make. When the choice is avoided we live a life that is less than Love, less than who we truly are.
   At Lifestream Associates we are dedicated to the process of personal and planetary transformation, the process of Awakening.
   It is this context that we offer a variety of services for those interested or involved in this way of life. The approach is experiential and educational, offering various life skills and attitudes that can facilitate and accelerate inner growth, the restoration of Love and Humor.
   The process of transformation is multidimensional in nature involving stages of investigation, clarification, consecration, and integration, each step being a movement toward greater expansion, greater Lovingness. The assistance offered may be of immense benefit at any or through all of the stages of Awakening, the pathway to Sovereignty. 
   These services are available in the form of individual sessions or lectures, seminars, and workshops. Involvement may be temporary, at critical points of growth, or ongoing as is individually appropriate.



1. to offer a Vision of Awakening
2. to impart a Vision of the world as an multidimensional energy process
3. to apply this Vision with self and others through the focus of spiritual healing, prayer and meditation
4. to establish consciousness of the dimensions of the Soul and to ground this force within the personality through Heart centered physical plane activity and service
5. to establish consciousness and integration of the dimensions of Spirit
6. to establish a foundation of loving self knowing
7. to open the higher intuitive faculties in a practical and meaningful way
8. to offer a practical understanding and ability to impart the fundamentals of Lifestream Energywork
9. to assist in restoring balance on individual, collective, and planetary levels through processes of multidimensional integration, phase shifting and the restoration of Heart Awakening
10. to offer teaching in the use of unfaceted as well as Vogel-cut® crystals as a process of spiritual healing and Heart Awakening
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   Crystals have been used throughout the ages and in many traditions as therapeutic tools for transformation. During our years of research and experimentation we have found that quartz crystals can be used very effectively in the process of energy or information storage, transfer, and a variety of therapeutic applications.
   Based primarily on the work of Dr. Marcel Vogel, we have discovered that properly prepared crystals are very precise and sensitive instruments that can be used to accumulate a charge from the body of an individual using the crystal, amplify that charge and transfer it to a chosen individual or destination.
   We have created a series of seminars designed to teach those individuals interested in the fundamentals of crystal energywork. The context for this teaching is the process of Heart Awakening and this process can be facilitated by the use of spiritually based crystal technologies.

   These seminars provide the basis for developing a meaningful methodology and protocol for working with quartz crystals for meditation, healing, and spiritual opening.

Crystals, Love, and the Matrix of Consciousness 1

These sessions explore:

  • the growth, types and uses of crystals; 
  • the selection, clearing and charging of crystals; 
  • the development of Vogel-cut® crystals and their use in healing, meditation, and technology; 
  • the structuring of fluidic mediums using Vogel-cut® crystals; 
  • methods of self healing, meditation and visualization; 
  • the use of crystal grid patterns; earth healing; 
  • the use of color, form, and sound; 
  • fundamentals of dowsing; 
  • the dynamics of channeling with crystals; 
  • Love's power to heal; 
  • integration of multidimensional aspects of the Soul; 
  • and more...

Crystals, Love, and the Matrix of Consciousness 2

   These sessions develop the themes of Matrix 1 in greater depth and introduces:

  • the use of the Vogel® release method of crystal healing; 
  • therapeutic communication and dialogue; 
  • introduction to subtle anatomy, chakras, and healing; 
  • therapeutic use of various gemstones; 
  • etheric implants and thought form attachments; 
  • projecting consciousness;
  • accessing records stored in stone and ancient monuments; 
  • energy clearing of people and places; 
  • opening and accessing energy vortices


   Developed in conjunction with Dr. Marcel Vogel, shortly before his death, this program is designed to offer those interested in more in-depth training and research in the use of crystal energywork as a therapeutic medium, an opportunity to learn and grow further.
   The pre-requisites for the training are completion of  the Matrix 1 & 2 seminars plus a written application.
   Areas of training and research include:

  • basics of crystal energy dynamics
  • the crystal classification systems
  • the dynamics of crystals and 
  • a) water
    b)  the quantum effect
    c)  holography,
    d)  chaos theory 
    e)  healing and meditation
  • layman's introductory physics overview
  • experimental protocol
  • multidimensional aspects of the Soul
  • the Rays and the Initiations
  • the cohering power of Love
  • dynamics of the fourth dimension or astral plane
  • spirit release work (releasing thought forms and entity attachments)
  • the fundamentals of Mind Training
  • client/practitioner relationship
  • communication skills
  • working in the 6th dimension...the Timeline 
  • practicum

   All students are required to submit a paper on a topic of their choice, relevant to the program, demonstrating an understanding and practical application of the teaching. Throughout the training there will be various written requirements as  well as practical testing for students to demonstrate an ability to work with the crystals in a real and meaningful way.
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